Circular Motion Vibrating Screen

The Circular Motion Vibrating Screen is a versatile equipment having capacity to screen a wide range of minerals. It is widely used for segregating minerals such as aggregate, sand, coal, coke, slag, sinter, refractories, urea and in various crushing and screening plants.

Why MechTech Circular Motion Screen

Circular Motion Vibrating Screens designed and manufactured by MechTech are well engineered equipment which proves its maximum reliability and efficiency in mineral screening.

How Circular Motion Vibrating Screen Works

The screen frame is an independent vibrating mass supported by a set of spring which is mounted on a rigid base frame. The mass mounted on the horizontal eccentric shaft close to the CG of the screen frame imparts oscillating circular motion due to centrifugal force. It generates a steep angle at which the particle flows forward on the screen deck which itself has a descending slope.

The feed material is then segregated where the oversize material flows to the discharge end on the screen deck and the undersize material falls through the opening below. With multiple deck arrangements, the crushed material is segregated according to size, for which suitable openings are provided on the screen deck.

Constructional Features

The circular motion vibrating screen has a fabricated basket resting on the stationary base frame. This is supported using a number of helical springs or rubber springs, which allow its free movement. The vibrating screen basket is fabricated with special grade steel plates on two sides which are connected with several longitudinal and transverse cross members and high tensile bolts. The circular motion vibration unit is mounted near the CG of the basket which holds the eccentric shaft with eccentric masses at both ends. The eccentric shaft is mounted on the grease or oil lubricated self aligning spherical roller bearing through the flanged housing bolted with the side plates. This allows it to bear the high ‘G’ force application. For increasing the amplitude and frequency of circular vibration, additional weight can be added.

The screen deck panel consisting of screening sieves which can be of woven wire cloth, stainless steel wedge wire, perforated plate or poly-urethane panel is provided with longitudinal supports and special rubber pad strips to give a curvature for tight sitting when stretching.

This equipment is driven through vee belts with electric motors supported on the spring loaded Frame.

Prime Benefits
  • Adjustable vibration
  • High sieving efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Available with completely enclosed dust cover
Product Detail


4000 Tph

Available width

1000mm to 2600mm

Available length

1000mm to 7000mm

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