Double Toggle Jaw Crusher

The dynamic application of these crushers helps crush various materials such as Black Trap, Basalt, Granite, Iron Ore, Ferro alloys, etc. of more density with high-performance and MechTech Double Toggle Jaw Crushers are designed for primary, secondary, and sometimes tertiary applications.

Why choose MechTech Jaw Crusher

The Engineering experience spanning over three decades with excellent after-sales service keep the customers permanently associated with ‘MECHTECH’ to fulfill their production goals. MechTech Jaw Crushers are proudly manufactured in India and has more than 4000 installations domestically and overseas.

Our Engineering acumen coupled with adoption of lean manufacturing techniques has helped MechTech provide solution to changing needs of our customers and applications.

MechTech offers elaborate range ofboth Double Toggle Jaw Crusher and Single Toggle Jaw Crusher to provide primary and secondary crushing solution at substantial return on investment by minimal operating cost.

How Double Toggle Jaw Crusher Works

For MechTech Double Toggle Jaw Crusher, crushing takes place by compression / pressure between one fixed and another moveable jaw. The Powerful geometrical configuration of the crushing chamber is engineered in a way which ensures “crushing without rubbing” action for crushing every hard material. This indeed reduces wear and tear of the jaw plates. MechTech Double Toggle Jaw Crusher incorporates the full spring-loaded safety arm which disconnects immediately to make the driven pulley free from the electric motor during accidental entry of any foreign material like tramp iron. The crusher is choke fed uniformly across the width of the crusher for max productivity and consistent product gradation.

Constructional Features

The MechTech Double Toggle Jaw Crusher consists of an eccentric shaft which triggers a Pitman Double Toggle mechanism to move forward the swing jaw that is placed at the hinged top and, to further generate the crushing pressure on the feed material against the fixed jaw. The return cycle occurs by the action of pullback compression spring holding it at the base. The continuous lubrication of Pitman, Toggle mechanism and bearings occurs by automatic motorized oil splash system, in closed-circuit with Oil Tank, Pump, Motors, Flow-switch etc.

The jaw plates and sideliners are made of Austenitic Mn. Steel to crack the hardest minerals and reduces the wear and tear of the robust fabricated body of the Jaw Crusher.

Prime Benefits
  • The distinctive “crushing without rubbing” action improves jaw plate life extensively.
  • The exclusive design of the crushing chamber and Pitman toggle plate make it manage the toughest materials.
  • The automatic oil lubrication system including Flow Switch which is interlocked with the motor helps to protect the crusher.
  • Reset setting can be done in a matter of minutes.
Product Detail

Available Sizes

12” x 7” (300mm x 175mm) to 48”x40” (1200mm x 1000mm)


5 Tph to 1000 Tph


20 Hp to 180 Hp

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