Grizzly Feeder

This feeder is designed in a way where it can be attached below the hopper to remove the unwanted rocks before the main crushing process is initiated. It is used in mining, construction, foundry, quarrying and steel processing industries. MechTech Grizzly feeders are robustly designed equipment usually used for feeding and scalping applications in these industries.

How Grizzly Feeder Works

The vibrating unit has two forged steel precision machined eccentric shafts which rotate on large self-aligning spherical roller bearings. Rear side snubbers eliminate surges. It is provided with replaceable side liners and sectionalized replaceable pan liner plates.

Why Choose MechTech Grizzly Feeder

In the grizzly feeder, there are two parallel contra-rotating shafts which are geared together. The input material loaded on the feeder is moving along these shafts. For the vibrating assembly, you can easily adjust their linear motion between 30 and 55 degrees. Depending on the amount of counterweight, you can vary the speed of the two shafts which further play a key role in optimization of the feeder's performance.

The grizzly section contains tapered openings in both dimensions. These are adjustable and help in the prevention of clogging or packing. On the discharge end, there is a placement of robust steel coil springs. This stabilizes the feeder, further facilitating the bypass chute. This enables the passing of undersized material through the grizzly section.

Prime Benefits
  • Adjustable bar spacing
  • Tapered bar spacing promotes self-cleaning
  • Abrasion-resistant liners with countersunk bolts
  • Customized grizzly sections.
  • Low maintenance, less downtime & better crushing efficiency
Product Detail


Dual Shaft Mechanical Vibratory Grizzly Feeder


10tph - 1500tph


150 to 300 KW




800mm Width x 2000m Length to 1800mmwidth x 6000mm length

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