“MH Series” Horizontal shaft Impactors are rigidly constructed, heavy duty crushers generally used for achieving higher reduction ratio along with cubical shaped products. This equipment is used for crushing materials such as Aggregate, Dolomite, Bauxite, Limestone, Stand Stone etc.

Why choose MechTech Impact Crusher

MechTech offers a wide range of Impact Crusher whether crushing soft material like coal or harder materials like limestone, dolomite, sledge or sandstone, MechTech has enormous expertise to provide with best results for our customer’s application. Not only do we understand the process and the application, but we are mindful of the issues that affect your bottom-line. Considering reduction ratio, energy cost, quality of the product and maintenance cost, Impact crushers are generally more cost effective than Jaw Crushers.

How Horizontal Shaft Impactor MH Series Works

“MH Series” Horizontal Shaft Impactors use high impact energy to crush the feed material. This equipment has a heavy duty rotor which has solid blow bars mounted on the top and is propelled by an electric motor.

As the feed material enters the crushing radius of the rotor, it strikes the feed material at high velocity against the impact wall to crush the feed material into cubical shaped output.

Constructional Features

MechTech “MH Series” horizontal Shaft impactor is an open bottom type unidirectional equipment consisting of fabricated housing having side liners in the crushing chamber.

Specially designed, heavy duty fabricated rotor has high quality wear resistant caststeel blow bars mounted on the top through taper wedges and bolts on the rotor body. When these blow bars get worn out, it can be reversed and further utilized for crushing.

The impact wall carrying the impact plates (in 2/3 segment) are hinged at the top and supported by the spring loaded spindle for gap adjustment. This spring loaded spindle also acts as a safety device if any un- crushable material enters into the machine. For ease of maintenance, “ MH Series” HIS is designed to be offered with hydraulic jacks (on request) for opening of top housing. Depending upon the applications, “MH Series” HIS’s are propelled by electric motors through flexible/fluid coupling along with the belt drive.

Prime Benefits
  • Dynamic design eliminates choking
  • Optimal productivity
  • Reversible blow bars for lesser wear
  • Cubical output products
Product Detail


5 Tph to 1000 Tph

Rotor Width

400mm to 1600mm

Rotor Diameter

600mm to 1600mm

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