Smooth Double Roll Crusher

The Smooth Double Roll Crusher is primarily used for crushing medium hard material such as coke, glass, chalk, limestone, fertilizer, coal, etc

How Smooth Double Roll Crusher Works

The smooth double roll crusher consists of two smooth rollers of which one rotates in clockwise and other in the anti-clockwise direction. The Feeding materials are squeezed between the rolls and are crushed by compression. The movement of the spindle or the hydraulic cylinders manages the floating roll for product graduation. If an on-crushable component enters into the crushing zone, there is an auto increase in the gap by compression of the springs and prevents the equipment from internal damages.

Why Choose MechTech Smooth Double Roll Crusher

The equipment has two counter-rotating rolls which are placed on a horizontal sturdy frame. The crushing section of the rolls is encircled in a fabricated way. While one of the rolls is in a fixed position, the other is floating which helps to manage the product size and the release of un-crushable material through the spring action. The option of vertical and horizontal spindle types of gap adjustment is obtainable. In the horizontal spindle process, the roll moves horizontally through the gap adjustment and spring actuation. While in the vertical spindle process the floating roll moves horizontally which is set up on a spring-loaded hinged yoke beam. This is further supported on a set of Helical Coiled Spring which has varied stiffness. Depending on the size of the feed material, the roll can be smooth or beaded.

Prime Benefits
  • Efficient yoke beam design
  • Dynamic double motors
  • Excellent performance
  • Maintains product granulometry
Product Detail


Upto 400 Tph

Rotor Width

600mm to 1800mm

Rotor Diameter

400mm to 1800mm

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