Toothed Double Roll Crusher

This exceptional crusher is generally used for secondary and tertiary crushing processes of soft to medium-hard minerals such as limestone, coal, gypsum, chalk, sinter, coke, lignite and various other minerals.

Why choose MechTech Toothed Double Roll Crusher

MechTech has become a leading manufacturer and a supplier of TDRC in the mineral crushing industry since past 3 decades. The selection process for each application is carried out by our well trained highly experienced team having extensive knowledge in the matter.

MechTech offers self-driven Single Toothed Roll & Double Toothed Roll Crusher with extensive range of tooth profiles, which provides substantial return in investment by minimal operating cost and at maximum yield by generating least fines. The robust design, which includes a fabricated Steel base frame with replaceable wall lines, withstands various mineral processing application along with safe and simple operation.

How Toothed Double Roll Crusher Works

With the inward rotation of the two toothed profile rotors, the material fed is crushed by the process of piercing and compression. For proper sizing of the components, the floating rotor is moved by turning the threaded spindle. At the entry of the material, an auto gap occurs which compresses the spring and further releases the same. The floating rotor reverses back to its prime position by spring retraction.

Constructional Features

The equipment has two statically balanced counter- rotating rotors mounted on a fabricated horizontal frame. Both the rotors are installed inside fabricated housing. While one of the rotors is in fixed position, the other is mounted on a spring- loaded yoke beam to manage the product size and release the un-crushable materials. The yoke beam is hung and supported on the helical coiled spring which is of sturdy construction.

The toothed profile for the crushing rings is selected according to the size and type of the feed material. These crushing elements are normally segmented and bolted on a heavy fabricated hexagonal rotor tightly held by long studs and can be easily dismantled for replacement. Centralized lubrication system is incorporated in the machine design for lubricating the spherical roller bearings.

The counter rotating drive for both the rolls are provided by two individual electric motors coupled with or without the gearbox (depending upon the application) along with vee belt drive.

Prime Benefits
  • Agile yoke design enables the floating roll to shift & save downtime.
  • Crushing rings provides lesser wear and tear
  • Reduces fines generation
  • Roll Crusher Toothed Double Roll Crusher
  • Excellent safety spring.
  • Balanced Rotor
  • Accepts larger feed size of crushing material.
Product Detail


11KW x 2nos to 160kw x 2nos

Rotor Diameter

650mm to 1600mm

Rotor Width

650mm to 3600mm

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