Vertical Shaft Impactor

MechTech Vertical Shaft Impactors(VSI) are engineered for higher capacity, low maintenance costs and least power consumption.

Why choose MechTech Impact Crusher

MechTech offers a wide range of Impact Crusher whether crushing soft material like coal or harder materials like limestone, dolomite, sledge or sandstone, MechTech has enormous expertise to provide with best results for our customer’s application. Not only do we understand the process and the application, but we are mindful of the issues that affect their bottom-line. Considering reduction ratio, energy cost, quality of the product and maintenance cost, Impact crushers are generally more cost effective than Jaw Crushers.

How Vertical Shaft Impactor Works

The crusher operates by accelerating the material to be crushed through a high speed rotating rotor, into a crushing chamber lined with the same material. This phenomenon gives the rock on rock (autogenously) crushing action.

Where a product size is required below that of the feed size, this crusher is generally operated in the close circuit, with a Vibrating Screen of appropriate size and adequate capacity. However, the crusher can also be operated in the open circuit. In both the cases, a screen is required for final segregation of required sized products. Gradation of the product is varied by controlling the rotor RPM and/ or the quality (percentage) of multi-flow used.

Constructional Features

The material entering into multi flow gates falls into the crushing chamber through channels and is hit from the opposite direction by material from the rotor. In the quarrying, mineral mining and aggregate sectors, MechTech Vertical shaft Impact crushers are used for production of high quality manufactured sand and premium shaped aggregate. Due to greater versatility of this equipment, it is well established in the application areas such as rolled compressed concrete (RCC) for dam construction, mineral/ industrial crushing plants (glass, slag etc.) crushing extremely abrasive high value materials.

Prime Benefits
  • High-speed efficiency
  • Simple to install & maintain
  • Advances technology increases uptime
  • Excellent safety precautions for rotor service
Product Detail


10 Tph to 600 Tph


55 KW to 250 KW to 2 nos

Available Sizes

MT 225 to MT 229

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